Montrece Ransom

Belonging Strategist • Coach  Speaker • Empowermenteur

Belonging: Unleashing Human Potential

Belonging is vital to getting the best out of your organization, teams, and to living your best, most aligned life...

Imagine feeling a sense of empowerment, purpose, and belonging in your career, business, and life. A sense of confidence that anywhere you are called or aspire to be, you belong.

Imagine organizations, teams, and workplaces where individuals are more empowered, connected, productive, and know they belong, whether working remotely or in an office.

Belonging is a basic human need. No matter our background, age, gender or gender identity, race, or ethnicity—we all long to feel a sense of belonging.
Without it, we can’t reach our fullest level of self-esteem and confidence.

Belonging is at the very core of thriving, high performing teams and organizational culture.

Through coaching, training, and consulting, the Empowermenteur, LLC works with individuals, organizations, and teams to create cultures where individuals and teams—across the spectrum of diversity— are more empowered, connected, and productive 

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My Belonging Work is Three-pronged:


I offer keynote addresses focused on defining and characterizing belonging.



Through workshops, I help organizations better understand the concepts and principles of belonging, how it brings force and action to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and how it plays a central role in public health, healthcare law, and social justice/social change work.


I offer a belonging focused leadership coaching program for teams, called Belongify. I am a certified Belongify coach, and I walk teams through five 1-hour online sessions where I walk teams through a proven methodology focused on equipping teams—especially hybrid or remote teams—to build or rebuild a sense of connection, contribution and purpose, and belonging. And, overall team effectiveness.

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