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Why, hello there!

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

If you don’t know me, I am Montrece McNeill Ransom, also known as ”The Empowermenteur”.


I am an empowerment coach, professional speaker, and mom to a rock star boss babe, named Alyxandra.

In my spare time, I also do a little voiceover work, on-camera corporate narration, and I am honored to be the host of CDC’s Aging and Health Podcast.

Over the past 20 years, I have coached and mentored hundreds of high achieving women and men, helping them create inspired and authentic lives that they can fall madly in love with.

What I’ve come to learn is this…

No matter how many degrees we have earned, businesses we have birthed, or awards we have won...

High achieving women & men still suffer from:

  • lack of clarity
  • self-doubt
  • lack of belonging
  • lack of discipline
  • limiting beliefs
  • guilt & confusion

I get it.

And, I can help.

If you are a bad ass who is ready to:

  • Stop wasting the pretty and stop wasting the smart
  • Manifest the true desires of your heart
  • Design a more authentic life
  • Develop your personal sense of belonging
  • Build your discipline muscle

Let’s do this!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Montrece’s professional speaking on belonging and her empowerment coaching work are done in her personal capacity. Nothing on this website or included in any speaking engagement on belonging should be construed to represent any agency determination or policy


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