"The result was not only an amazing coaching experience, but a 5-year plan with tangible steps forward, connections to other mentees, amazing networking opportunities..."


The ultimate career development membership for women in public health, healthcare, and the law.


90,000 hours

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll spend almost 90,000 hours at work.
In the Your Career OWNED Collective, we focus on making them count.
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 This Is Not Just About Career Coaching. 

This is not just about landing your dream job in public health, health care, law or policy. 

This is not just about making a career transition or the perfect pivot.

This is not just about how to deliver a great scientific presentation or how to get a sponsor in the workplace.  

Of course, we will discuss these things and all of the practical steps necessary to design an inspiring, fulfilling career at the intersection of public health, healthcare, and the law. 

But, the Your Career OWNED Collective is about so much more than that.

It is about helping you discover what you really want out of life and giving you the tools you need to design an authentic, happy, fulfilled career now and into the future.

At the Empowermenteur, LLC, we believe that wherever you are called or aspire to be, you belong.

We know that no matter the starting point, the life and career you want is absolutely available to you.

But, YOU have to believe it.

And, you can’t sit around waiting for someone to deliver that life and career to you.

You must OWN IT.

The Your Career OWNED Collective...

is a safe space where through coaching, community, and resources, you are supported through a process of understanding your values, strengths, motivations, and how to leverage all of who you are to design a career that is unique to you.

Armed with this clarity, you can stand firmly in your choice, and you’ll have a The Collective to hold you accountable to your vision of your best self and your vision of how you will use your gifts to impact the world.

One year membership for less than $1 a day.


Who This Is For

The Your Career OWNED Collective has been curated for the high achieving woman in public health, healthcare, law, and policy. It has been designed for the woman who desires to build her career by design, rather than default. Members of the Collective include graduate students and professionals in the fields of public health, healthcare, public policy, law, and education.


The Three Pillars of the YCO Collective

Career Coaching

In monthly hour-long webinars, you will learn how to take ownership of your career and transform your career trajectory.


The Your Career OWNED Collective members get access to Montrece for Q/A sessions about careers, personal branding, and so much more.


Get access to a private group where you can connect to a supportive community to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

I approached Ms. Montrece Ransom after her presentation on health and emergency law at the 2019 APHA conference because I was intrigued about her approach to health law and her experience leading workforce development with the CDC. After connecting with Montrece, I found that I only knew a small fraction of what she was involved in and discovered her coaching practice. 

Working with Montrece was transformational.  When we began working together, I was frustrated and uncertain about where my career was going.  I knew I wanted to be a leader in public health. But I wasn’t sure how I’d get there.  Montrece and I worked together to identify the root cause of my interests, and she tapped into the big dreams and the unspoken motivations that I had and encouraged me to create my OWN path forward. 

The result was not only an amazing coaching experience, but a 5-year plan with tangible steps forward, connections to other mentees, amazing networking opportunities, and information on organizations and companies that I previously was unaware of.  I am currently in my first public health role, and I know that my coaching with Montrece is what helped get me here.

One thing I liked was the way Montrece immediately reframed the uncertainty I had surrounding myself, my future, and my career. She was not only a cheerleader but someone who always gave me tangible steps to complete after our sessions from conducting research into various career opportunities to connecting with an individual in her network. Montrece also helped me stay focused and stay committed to taking the action needed to get me where I want to go in my public health career.   

I understand why they call her the Empowermenteur. I found the experience both personally and professionally empowering and I would recommend Montrece Ransom’s coaching services and the Your Career OWNED Collective to anyone who is stuck or uncertain or seeking career guidance.


Miracle Orji, MPH
Management Fellow

County of San Diego Health and Human Services

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This is the ultimate membership for growing your mindset, career, your voice, and bank account.

One-on-one coaching with Montrece is normally $250 per hour. You're getting at least 12 hours across the year.* That's a minimum of $3,000 value for JUST $25 a month ($300), or if paid in full, $250 a year.

That's right.

Transform your mindset, career, and lifestyle for less than the price of just one of the many cups of coffee you likely drink each day!

*You get access to a total of 12 LIVE coaching over 12 months.


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One-time Payment US$250
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Through the Empowermenteur’s proprietary Your Career OWNED methodology, we will cover topics including:
  • How to get Published
  • Manifesting your Dreams
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Your “Motivational D.N.A.”
  • Personal Branding
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Managing Up
  • Overcoming so-called Imposter Syndrome
  • Navigating Career Transitions
  • Using an Individual Development Plan and Learning Action Plan
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Preparation/Scripts
  • Job Application Resources and Process
  • Public Speaking
  • Setting and Achieving Individual Professional Goals
  • Networking
  • Side Hustle Strategy
  • Online Presence
  • Increasing your sense of belonging in a male-dominated field
  • Positioning Yourself for Promotion
  • Finding a Sponsor


  • Monthly webinars where you are given practical tools, tips, and techniques
  • Access to Montrece for your questions
  • Access to an exclusive, supportive, safe community to keep you motivated and committed
  • Access to Audio Affirmation Recordings, and other bonuses in our YCO Collective Membership Platform

Regardless of what time zone you live in, you'll be able to enjoy the webinars from the Your Career OWNED Collective.

On the last Sunday of every month at 4PM EST the webinar will go LIVE on Zoom and recordings posted in our *members only* Facebook group.

It will stay there for the whole month for you to watch and access at your own convenience.

You can also ask your questions under the videos and Montrece will answer them throughout the month. The webinar is taken down one hour before the following month's webinar.


Be An Annual Member For Less Than $1 A Day:

One-time Payment US$250
Subscription US$25/month


Learn from an ICF-Certified Empowerment Coach with more than 20 years of experience in public health workforce development and law and policy.

Montrece Ransom, JD, MPH, ACC, served as the team lead for training and workforce development with CDC’s Public Health Law Program, and has coached and mentored hundreds of high achieving women and men, helping them create inspired and authentic lives and careers.  She has published more than 30 articles and has spoken on hundreds of stages on the topics related to public health law and policy, careers in public health, and many others.  In 2017, Montrece was honored with the Jennifer Robbin’s Award for the Practice of Public Health Law, the 2019 Awardee of the ABA Health Law Section’s Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award, and is the editor of the Springer textbook, Public Health Law: Concepts and Case Studies.

If you’d like to learn more about Montrece’s road to public health law, her experiences, and her coaching philosophy, check out this podcast produced by the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.

Montrece’s engaging coaching style helped me really become aware of, and own my talents and strengths in ways that have since fueled my personal and professional growth. I’ve achieved challenging career objectives, launched my own business, and have expanded my professional network in tangible ways.”


Rosa Abraha, MPH
Speaker • Public Health Expert • Career Strategist

Be An Annual Member For Less Than $1 A Day:

One-time Payment US$250
Subscription US$25/month